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ThEsE aRe My iDeAs.. *tHiS iS mY sWeAt AnD tEaRs*

26 August
· in case you havent realized.. my name's sarah
· but people call me sa, seerah, sar, mos, bean, colly, etc.
· im 17 years old & my bday is on august 26
· i have my lisence & a white 95 mitsubishi eclipse (my baby<3)
· ima senior in an all girls catholic high school
· and in case ure wondering.. yes it does suck lol
· i live in a lil city in new york
· its 4.2 square miles to be exact :)
· i live with my dad, sister, brother, & my kitty
· im single.. blech. :\
· i love guys w/ blonde hair, 6 packs, & when guys
wear hanes white shirts or wife beaters <33
· i love my friends too.. theyre my life <3

· if u wanna add me..just comment and let me know
& i will most likely add you back. :D

email: sarahluffsyou@aol.com or xsarah1x@aol.com
AiM / AoL: xsarah1x