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ThEsE aRe My iDeAs.. *tHiS iS mY sWeAt AnD tEaRs* [entries|friends|calendar]

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[06 Jan 2004|12:04am]
[ mood | okay ]

i got a new journal.. its a new year, so i felt like a fresh start would be good. i put 2 entries from this journal up, and the new one will be friends only. so just comment here or there & add mee.. :D

the name is : _sarahh

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ima get in the zonne.. [28 Nov 2003|12:33am]
[ mood | nervous ]

heyy ladies.. just thought id do a quick update. things are going ariight.

theyre cutting my hours @ work, but they seem to keep calling me in cause other people call out. i put in an application @ wet seal, but no call yet. i would <333 to work there. ill apply to old navy next week i think.

boys are another thing. theyre just so damn difficult & i just wanna find a normal one that i can seee & chill withh. lol

anyway, thanksgiving was good. i love me some food, so i was happy. got my mashed potatoes & stuffing. lol and yeaa just chilled with my sister the rest of the day. did our nails, watched anger management & goldmember. toight like a toiger. lolol

i have to work tomorrow from 11 - 5. im scared. its black friday & ive never even shopped.. let alone WORKED on black friday. lol wish me luck cause i think ima need it.

but when i come home.. the house should be empty. my dad & jame are going upstate to see his mom and sleeping there, so its just me & chris. i have to find suttin to do tho cause i dun wanna sit home.. well at least not alone.

but yeaa.. hope everyone had a good thanksgiving & have a great weekendd <3

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noooow that i can dannncee.. [20 Oct 2003|11:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

WHAT SHOULD I BE FOR HALLOWEEN? we hafta dress up as "famous people" for school.. gimme some gooood ideas!


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its a beautiful night.. whoa o o ooo.. [14 Oct 2003|03:02pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

WHAT SHOULD I BE FOR HALLOWEEN? we hafta dress up as "famous people" for school.. gimme some gooood ideas! i just wrote that big to catch ppl's eyes in case they dont wanna read the whole thing.. heh :)

wow its been a while.. i just wanted to update quick.. ive been pretty busy lately with work and school and just chillin lol so sorry for not commenting and updating and stuff..

work is going good.. theres a new manager and hes hiring a bunch of new people & i do register now and its fun tiimes.. got paid 2wice already.. i only end up with like 40 - 50$ after insurance.. ech.

school is good too. retook the SATs on saturday.. hope i did ariight.. and yea i feel like i should be applying to college and writing my essay and just.. caring, but i dont. and its bad cause ima end up not knowing where i wanna go. blahh i hafta get on the balll..

sometimes i dont like coming home. like now im so used to either being in school, at work, out with my friends, or home alone; so when i come here and i see my fam i just get mad sometimes like all they do is have a comment to make about me doing sumthin or other wrong.

but on a good note.. this past weekend had to be one of the best ones.. ever. friday me & mon went to vinnys and we all drove around til 430 when we dropped mon off then me & him went to BK and sat in the car parked for 2 hours talking. then when he hadda go i picked up mikey and he came here and me him and my sis looked at piics and then mon came and got us and me & mikey went there and the 3 of us watched scarface.

saturday i had work 2 - 10 and then afterwards i chilled with monica and tonii. sunday i worked 11 - 7:30 and then i went and picked up vin and brought him back here and he changed my sister's phone case and he just chilled til like 11.

monday.. we had off, so me mon vin jess & stephan went bowling at new roc.. then to taco bell.. then stuck in traffic on the thruway, cause i got us lost and then we went to marcs and played tackle soccer & football with marc and toni. it was soo much fun though and i had the bestt day.

but yeaa thats about all.. ill try and comment sometime, but i hope everyones okay and comment and lemme know whatsupp.. :D peaaace<3

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ima flirt til it hurt in a throwback skiirt.. [11 Sep 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | calm ]

mm yea.. ive just been lazy. lol but everything is going goood. school is.. school. you know work & all that issh. and umm my driving is okay. i drive to school & home.

today was supposed to be my first day of work, but they said tomorrow. so tomorrow 3 - 10 is my first day of work @ suncoast. so wiish me luckk :)

but yeaa just wanted to quick update.. i still comment a little, but yeaa.. holler @ me if you need meee <3

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nelly i looove you.. i need you.. [06 Sep 2003|11:22am]
[ mood | nervous ]

thursday in school was ok. it was seniors only, so we hadda listen to some college talk & buy books. then toni drove us home and i got mcdonalds & mon had her first KFC. so then we chilled @ mon's and then went to mcdonalds. [sex talks bout toni's car * mon's bun goin up n down] and then we went overr to mount and brought marc, sam, & vinny some food and we threw um ALL our garbage under the car. it was funny..

then we went back to mon's and had the GREATEST discussion ever. haha [the poor pillow & sendin toni on a mission] then after toni left.. me & monica went to cc to drop off/get some job applications. we got 7 and dropped off 2.. it was NICE. then later that night, my aunt's came over. havent seen them in like 10 years.. it was goood.

friday school was ariight.. we got to leave a little early, but we hadda wait for my bro anyway. lol so after school i changed & me and monica went to drop off our applications. then went to bxville to look for some scope & got another application. lol then mikey called & told me to come pick up him & vin, so i was like ok. first mon had to pee tho grrr. so we picked them up & went to modells on central.

they bought what they hadda.. "bought" lollol monica. and then vin got mcdonalds, but i knocked the chicken out of the sandwich so he got some more. and mon got some and mikey got bk. we ate in "the shade" where these vicious seagulls kept attacking! and thenn vinny and mikey tried to steal my car keys. lol but mon is a good track runner.. and kept em lol so then we went in duane reade & FINALLY found the mini scopes lol

so we dropped mon off after & me, vin, and mikey went to vinny's dads gas station to see vinnys new car and then came here to wait for mon to get ready. then we picked up krys & drove her and monica to justin's and me, mikey, & vin went to vinnys house. their puppy is soooo cute & his fam is so nice. lol then we watched a lil vacation video. then went to melly's to see the new house & help a lil. got eaten alive by mosquitoes. i hadda bring the car home so left at like 815, dropped off her uncle and came home. then jame brought me, vin, & mikey back to mikeys.

we just chilled there a lil & his brother was feelin me up & licking me. and then we walked down the street, where they decided to climb the telephone poles. it was entertaining. lol then we just sat there and talked til like 1030. then vin hadda leavee so i stayed @ mikeys til like 12 and we just talked on his porch/front of the house thing. but yea.. i was def a PIMPP last night.. even if they say i wasnt lol :D

and yeaa that was long, but i hadda write it. very memorable. lol so on the job issue.. suncoast called for an interview today & pay half said to come @ 4 for a survey on monday. so yeaa.. wish me luck <3 and ima go get readyy.. peacee<33

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atl shortyy dont disrespect itt.. [03 Sep 2003|10:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ariight.. so today was the "first" day of school. i drove there & home and i did pretty good. i like my schedule for the most part. me & mon have all but one class and gym together. and i have a lot of classes with krys & toni and like ppl i know, so im good. havent met all the teachers, but what i did meet.. theyre ariight.

so after school.. me, jess, & allison went to taco bell and then i dropped them off and went with my brother to the car place. so after that me & jess decided to go buy me a bookbag. none in CC, so we went to the galleria. everything was goin good i got a nice new bookbag. and then as were on our way home.. i hit a car.

yep. one week and 2 days after i get my license & the first day i have my own car.. i have my first accident. cops came and all that.. there wasnt too much damage to my car. a dent & sum red paint.. no injuries to anyone. i cried & i was worried..

soo then when we got to come home we went and got pics.. they made me a lil happier. i talked to my dad & jame. my dad was pretty calm & ok, but jame was mad and just ignored me so she didnt say anythin bad, but shes ok now.

i hope everythings ok & nuthin happens tho. well yea.. so it wasnt the best day ever, but paradise hotel was good :\ lol but yeaa.. ima go try and be happy & then goto bed. niite<3

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baby boy you stay on my miind.. [02 Sep 2003|10:53pm]
[ mood | sad ]

well.. this is it. summer vacation is officially over :\ tomorrow is the first day of school. 1130 dismissal tom, thurs, & fri. i wouldnt mind going if i didnt hafta get up @ 6. lol but yeaa.. at least i get to drive there & home :D

yesterday was labor day. i sat around all day & then ended up going to monica's. chilled there, ate dinner, & then her parents let her out til 8:07. so we drove around pelham & then went to cross county to see marc, vinny, & stephan. so we chilled there til like 830 [poop fetish convo * 3way hugs * them stealing my car keys * squeezing in my car] and then i came home and didd nuthin.

today was rainy.. again. i stayed home until jame got back from getting her new car. went to return my bookbag & got $53 back. then we went to tina's to hear a wedding band and then came homee..

so now that jame got a new car the eclipse is mine. i just hafta get a job by the end of this month, so my dad knows i can handle paying the insurance. so wish me luck or else im car-less :\

butt i hafta goto bed now, so i can wake up at 6! :D< but yeaa.. ill update & comment tomorrow.. niiite<3

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from the windoooooow.. to the wallllll [01 Sep 2003|12:55am]
[ mood | happiest person aliive :D ]

friday mikey & his friend eric came down, so me, mon, & marc went to athenas and then to monicas. ended up @ marc's playin baseball in the street. lol then i got the car and drove around with mon.. took mikey & eric to get clothes. dropped off the car and chilled @ marcs with mon & jess. [the lieball] we left at like 1130 & i slept at jess'.

saturday i went to monica's bbq which turned out to be a surprise bday party for me. i walked in and they yelled surprise & i just started shaking. lol but it was great.. i love monica. and yeaa so like everyone & their mom was there and it was funn. we met rudy, who was like unbelievably polite & yeaa it was just great timess.. good food. i loved it. stayed there til like 130.

today me & mon went driving around. stopped @ old navy and got a job application then went to CVS. all week ive been wanting taco bell, so we figured out how to get there & ate in the parking lot. then we didnt really know the way home, so we went to mikeys but he wasnt there so we just drove around yonkers. went straight and ended up in another town & then we just followed around a black jetta. but i lost it cause i stopped @ a "fake stop sign" lol so then we chilled at mikeys.

he showered but we hadda go.. so we went back to monicas and cleaned a little & then my dad drove us to mikeys for the "pizza party". then melly, her sisters, & vinny came. we just chilled.. it was good tiimes. we left at like 1130. andd now im home talkin to mon, jess, & vinnny.

but yea im one happy lil camper right now, so ima goo talk and then goto bedd. niiite<33

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everybody comes to holllywoood.. [29 Aug 2003|12:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

wednesday was a good day.. me, jess, & marc chilled.. picked up monica & krys @ mikey's and then i came homme. at like 6.. i took out the car & picked up jess and did a little cruisin. :D went to visit dena & then picked up marc and went to see toni. rendezvouus.. haha. yea and then went to see monica and sam & gary came by and we followed them home. then me & jess went to watch paradise hotel. that is the BEST show ever..

thursday i went to the dentist, pizza hut, & wcc with my brother. @ like 430.. i went to the doctor w/ jame and when i came home took out the car. lol me & jess went drivingg. we found johnny, so gave him a ride to his friends.. then went on a lil car hunt. ahemm jess. then stopped @ 711 to get some slurpees for the VMAs & dropped the car home and went to jess' to watch them.

the VMAs were good. brit, xtina, madonna, & missy was GREAAAT. 50 cent was so funny stealin the moon men & his performance was hott. em was tooo funny with his lil puppet. em & 50 are soo cute together. beyonce made me angry.. she didnt even sing. good charlotte was really good.. i like joel's jacket, and the hand motions were great. lol mary j did soo good & i love her song w/ 50.<3 & christina did good too.. she has the greatesttt voice..

but yeaa.. i just wanted to update quiick. i looove having my lisence and being able to drive around & go anywhere. lol but ima go make a cruisin cd.. so ill update laterr. peacce<3

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pon dii river.. pon dii bankks.. [27 Aug 2003|01:33am]
[ mood | loved ]

just wanted to update riight quiick..

my birthday was really great. woke up @ 11 & got all ready and whatever and then jess came over. so at like 130 marc, mon, & krys ring the bell and when i open the door marc was holding a cake and they all sang happy bday. it was soo niice.. & krys bought me the finding nemo turtle & candy :P

so we all chilled & then went to athenas to eat. & ohh man.. this old woman in there had a STARING problem. like she was just watching us. then she busts out a cell phone & we're all like whaaaat?! and she starts talking, and when i say talking i mean screaming. by the end of her convo.. we knew her life story. she was waiting for lou to pick her up & while she was in the bathroom for an hour.. we saw lou staring in the window and when she came out(with toilet paper on her shoe) she confirmed that it was, in fact, lou. lol

so then we all decided to go driving around. went to CC to see toni then just did a lil round in MV and then marc dropped us off. jame came home and gave me my gift. a cute pink/gray north face bookbag. :D and then mon & krystal left and jami let me take the car out!

so me & jess drove around a little, dropped jame off.. went home to eat, and then went back out driving & picked up monica. so i drove frum like 6 - 9 & it was some good times.. i like having a lisence. lol so when i hadda bring the car back.. my dad dropped us off @ mon's and we watched the OC, real world, & that jess simpson show.

the oc was greatt.. real world isnt too good lately & jess simpson made me angry tonight. lol but whateverr you know.. but yeaa thats about it.. ima go to sleep, but thanx for the comments :D niite<33

i LOVE my friends..
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go shortyyy.. its my birthday :D [26 Aug 2003|01:17am]
[ mood | excited ]

i am soo happy right now, but b4 i get there.. lemme start where i left off.. friday.

me, mon, mikey, & marc chilled @ marc's in the day. and we all went to krystals house @ night. me, monica, krys, justin, marc, mikey, & julissa. and we all just chilled, played with the kitty, charades, board games, basketball. it was hot, but really fun. then we played figure it out til we left @ like 12? (weiner eating contest winner haha) and yea i had a good time.. there was a lil drama.. problem, but we wont go there :|

the weekend was a lil buusy. saturday was a lil fair in fleetwood & then me and jame went out to look for some bday gifts and when we came home we watched charlies angels. it was a good movie.. lol i know im a lil late on the 1st one but shh. on sunday we had a lil yearly bbq @ glen island. guest list : dad, diane, paulie, mon, jess, marc, mikey, jami, victor, billy, gary, lil chris, tina, mike, & eve. it was funn.. played some football, baseball, & mini golf and um ate.. a lot. :D

afterwards me, mon, jess, marc, & mikey went to mikeys and went swimming. well that is after slap boxing each other. marc let me win so i could fit mikey & he was vicious. then we went in the pool & it was freeezing. played the movie game though and when we got out.. had pizza & played candyland, dont break the ice, & sorry. and nick, mikeys lil bro, told us that "sex is making love & making love is when the boy chews on the girls boob" and then tried to demonstrate on monica. haha gooood times.

todayy i took my road test & i passed! yes that is right.. SARAH IS NOW AN OFFICIAL LICENSED DRIVERR! :D it was the best bday present, and oh look @ that its officially my bday too! so after gettin a slurpee con diane & calling everyone.. marc picked me up & me, him, & jess drove around. followed the car of his dream & relived our road tests. then we went to marcs and said hi to his mom. she gave us vanilla pepsi(which is REALLY good) & homemade cookies then we came here.. toni came by for a lil and then we went to monicas.

we all wrote the greatest letter ever and then when i came home i just chilled @ jess'. at 12 i got some callls. marc was first right at 12, then jess, mon, krystal, & toni. i <33 my friends :D

but yeaa soo its my birthday & im reallly tired, so ima goto bed. i think my update is long, so sorry. lol but yeaa.. niite<3

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young b and the r o c.. [22 Aug 2003|01:55am]
[ mood | nervous ]

im bored again so i thought id write you kids a lil suttin suttin.. lol :D

yesterday was wednesday. i chilled with monica all day.. we went to athenas & i got a free buttered roll. lol toni came over & we went to see sean, then i went to work with monica from 6-9. chilled @ her casa til 10 and then watched paradise hotel with my sister. i <33 that show soo much. lol then me, mon, & mikey stayed on 3way til about 5am.

today i did nothing til jame got home. went with her to get a manicure & then went to cross county. got 2 pairs of cute boxers from victorias secret. then we had some pizza hut for dinner. got me my garlic bread w/ cheese :P yum.

butt yea thats about all. i was just watching this show facing fame i think.. on E! and it was crazy. they made this girl look a LOT like britney spears & tried to see who they could fool. it was funn.

yeaa but now i have to goto sleep cause im a tiired lil camper. ill comment & maybe update tomorrow. niite loves<33

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heartbreak a fake smile and 2000 miles.. [19 Aug 2003|04:38pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

im borred so i thought maybe ill update a little. this past week has been pretty good. where should i startt..

ok so the infamous blackout 03. lol "i was in my kitchen.." haha but yeaa that day i stayed with jess like all day. we walked around with johnny & kamil and chilled in her basment. it was really cool at night cause like everyone was just chillin outside with flashlights and alcohol & the only thing open was like pizza pizza. so we walked there & 711 and yea it was funn. i slept there and we stayed up til like 4.

the next day when we woke up everyone had their power back except mv(our city lol), so we went to the movies & saw freddy vs. jason. when we came back.. we had lights & all :\ and that night.. me, mon, toni, marc, & mikey(the freakin 5) chilled @ monica's. it was fun.. we played the jackass game & bingo :D

saturday & sunday i went shopping w/ jami cause she's a little bit of a shop-a-holic. and saturday niight.. me, mon, & toni went to mikey's house. chilled with nick for a while, sang sister act w/ him, ate dinner, watched nsync, and then toni left and me & mon just chilllled til like 1230. we went midnight swimming :D i loove swimming. lol

and yea thats about all.. yesterday was mi padre's cumpleanos, but he had to goto texas for business. my bro went to texas for work too.. so me & jame are on our own. lol but yea.. ima go get ready to go out with tmnt. byeee<3

7 days til my bday! :D
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honestlyy.. if i tell.. tell you whatt [14 Aug 2003|01:36am]
[ mood | pleased ]

okay.. i made 2 new icons.. so i have a new default and then a new hilary duff one. so lemme know what you thiink..
[and btw.. i know audience is spelled wrong.. i just wrote it like that cause thats how jayz says it. heh]

today mikey & marc came over to pick me up then we walked over to marc's and ate and waited for everyone to come. mikey & me hated each other, but we're okay now. lol then me, mikey, marc, toni, monica, sam, & krystal went to new roc.

walked around for a little & then went to the bowling alley. met up with joey, sean, and another kid & later stephan. it was tmnt + mikey vs. sam,marc, joey, sean, & the kid. we bowled 3 games and it was sooo much fun. we havent all chilled together in soo long & i dunno it was just great. dancin, singin, competing.. haha it was great.

but yeaa.. ima goo to bed. niite yall<3

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